Bater Activities

1. Production of traction and stationary cells and batteries,                                            
2. Assembly and disassembly of traction and stationary batteries throughout Poland

3. Renovation, maintenance and construction works in acumulatory rooms                                            
4. Removal and disposal of batteries and accumulators,                                            
5. Professional traction and stationary batteries service throughout Poland                                            
6. Sales of specialized equipment for maintenance of the  batteries,                                            
7. Sales of spare parts and additional devices (rectifiers, roller stands, battery changing devices for the exchange, etc.).

8. Production of battery boxes, coating with poliethylene metal elements in fluidyzation process                                          
9. Metal sheet and elements works and  professional locksmith-mechanical works           


We are pleased to announce that for over 20 years we have been producing traction and stationary batteries. We have just finished a total...

Environmental protection

Ochrona środowiska

Side effect of civilization and technological development is environmental pollution ...

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